Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm a rubbish Journal

So I would say it's been about a week since I've written in my 'journal'. Not something that matters for the blog, but something that matters (hugely) for my course. My tutors are obsessed with it. They love it.

So I have a weeks worth of catching up to do! Kinda.  Having missed the end of last week there's not much to say there, other than the fact that I did a hell of a lot of research. Sometimes it feels like you have to go to a library and sift through books and journals in order to do research, but in actual fact, and in particular with this project, it was better for me to go out and about. I took so many photos in London, and even on walks around Falmouth that have been useful to me for the beginning stages of this project.

And if I haven't already explained; I'm studying the extreme of beautiful things. Looking at luxurious objects that have a baroque style of over the top detailing and ornateness to them. So Period Homes magazine was bought just to be ripped to pieces for a collage/mood board (something I'm told is much more of a fashion design way of working but seems to work for me!) I have photographed countless details of architecture in London as well as the random ornate british details that have gone into things like lamposts! I even got mum to photograph her duvet cover (see below) which works perfectly for this theme.

So even though I felt like I had done only a small amount of research (based on my lack of time in a library or even in a book) I had actually done enough to provide inspiration and ideas, as well as grounding for this project to begin. This project has to last most of next term too, and so even though beginning with such over the top imagery is not my style, I'm confident that over the course of the upcoming weeks I can simplify it more to suit my style.

I have begun mainly by drawing. I did an A1 sheet of observational drawings in pen from my research, and have then moved on to focus on the shapes and colours that I like (to show heightened awareness). This is where I am beginning to struggle if I'm honest. I get colours and work well with colours; most tutors I've had have said so. But now having to prove that for my portfolio I'm stuck. I've been told to experiment with colour matching in water-colour. Ouch. Paint is not something I'm used to! I can work with a pencil and a colouring pencil, but with that you're mainly stuck to the colour of the given pencil you choose. However this is supposed to show that I can mix a colour to match something. To show an eye and understanding of colour and how to work with it. Something that is actually harder said than done. I'm used to working with given colours; making them match up with fabrics and inks. Having to do it now myself is a bit of a struggle for me. But I'm learning. Which I think is the point!

So for the rest of this week, and next week, I will be focusing on the shapes of the ornate objects. Mainly because that's what I'm interested in. I like the flowing curves and the little dots and curls. Not the flower that those shapes create when pulled together. Flowers kinda bore me if I'm honest. (Sorry William Morris!) And so with those shapes I will be creating a piece of work following the title of 10 x 10 x 10 for our end of term exhibition, plus a christmas tree decoration of some kind (I'm thinking applique angel at the moment)

Plus as the christmas holidays are approaching I'm getting nervous about the essay; the tutors are saying don't worry about it, but I want it to be good, and I've got a month and a half to get the first draft in. Which sounds great but hey, I'm going to Canada in week!! (Yes, yes I know lots of time on the plane for writing- but as if that's going to happen!!) First things first I need to find my third artist and write the plan... I'm a bit behind!

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