Thursday, 1 December 2011

December is here!

December is here! It feels like it's been here for quite a while, and already I've seen chrismas trees and lights up in the local villages. And I have to say I'm just as annoyingly prepared as they are; I have finished all my christmas shopping! Yup, you heard right!

I carefully thought about and planned what I wanted to do/make by writing a list of everyone I had to buy for. And as I had saved the money to one side and just had it sitting there, I thought why not just go ahead and get everything done!? Plus I have seen bits and bobs to buy for people that I hadn't even planned on buying for- but hey, an extra tenner and two more people get to feel my love! :)

And despite how carefully I thought about all my presents, and how much I wanted to really give something the recipients will love and enjoy (rather than those annoying christmas presents that just get put to one side) I still felt awe at the ingenuiuty of this gift gide from Design Sponge. This really is the way to make someone feel loved and special, with such huge personal touches!

Plus it is so true how much a personal touch can mean; Cara gave me the best present for my 21st last week- because part of it was something I had asked for (therefore wanted) and the other part was something that was touching, and fitted with something I already had. Plus it came with an extremely heartfelt card that brought tears to my eyes! Who could ask for more!?

Now I've just got to come up with an excuse to do one of the gifts on the Design Sponge list!

Abiento x

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