Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Okay so 'Absent for a day or two' turned into Absent for nearly 10 days.... I'm sorry! I've been having far too much fun relaxing in the real world with my girl Cara :).

One of the things we've most enjoyed doing out here, is watching movies! We know we should be out and about exploring all that Canada has to offer, but the Island is essentially Cornwall, and therefore lacking. Especially when it's -1 outside! So, in order to truly relax and recover from all the year has thrown at us, we plonked ourselves down on the sofa and stayed there. So I thought I would share the list of movies we worked through, new and old to see if anyone else wanted to watch them or thought they were as great as we did! (Click on each film title to watch the trailer)

All About Steve. This one looks older than it is, and turned out to be hilarious; providing us with quotes such as 'my toes feel like 10 happy campers!' Features Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper amongst others.

Sweet Home Alabama. A classic rom com about a Southern girl (Reese Witherspoon) who heads to New York to make it big with Patrick Dempsey (Hello!)

Up! Heart-braking film from Pixar, if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you do!

A Knights Tale. Funny. Witty, and oh yeh, Heath Ledger is the main character. Need I say more!?

Midnight in Paris. Good film. Bit of a disappointment though. Includes a great cast, and a great story about Paris in the 20's, but somehow just didn't cut it. (Don't believe everything rotten tomato reviews say)

We Bought a Zoo. New to cinemas this Christmas, it is out here in Canada. When we read the synopsis it sounded cheesy. We watched the trailer and got goosebumps. We then went to the cinema and bawled like babies. It is wonderful. Blind Side type of hollywood film, but fantastic. I plan on buying it very soon!

The Family Stone. Christmas family fun at it's best. Must see!

Water for Elephants. Twilight fans want to see this for Robert Pattinson and his romance with Reese Witherspoon, however I would suggest that anyone go see it. It is heart-touching and wonderful.

Love Actually. There are no words. Just watch it at Christmas and you will feel all warm and gooey inside! :)

Have a wonderful Christmas! Be back soon!

Abiento x

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