Friday, 11 November 2011


As usual there is something to update on in my life- and as usual it is to do with my decisions on what to do  in and for my life! So I had mentioned all the schools and other thoughts going through my mind, and had found this Foundation Degree in Textiles at Bournemouth Arts University. I let it sit with me for a few days, let myself feel excited about. Discovered that I actually wanted to do the course bad enough to not care about having to live with people 4 years younger than me, and about having to move to a town where I know nothing and nobody. I looked at the work placements offered with it and discovered companies I would love to work for and jobs I would love to do. Finally an option that didn't make me feel like throwing up.

However that didn't last long. Because on Sunday I discovered that this year is the last year the course is running. Next year it won't exist. Next year if I want to do the course I can only do it and gain a lesser qualification, or can only do it at a lesser university, in fact it would be a college, with lesser facilities and access to great companies for work placements. And so I wanted to throw up again. In fact I genuinely did want to throw up. But this time it was because of all the chocolate I consumed to try to alleviate how gutted I was.

So now I am considering another plan. Life. It seems that degrees and continued education do not favour me particularly. I could still do the course and get the lesser qualification. Or I could take time and put together a killer portfolio, which I could send to companies with a letter explaining my situation and begging them for some sort of job! Anything to get me in and to allow me to learn!

We will see what I decided upon.... I'm gonna just enjoy this course for now and see where life takes me I think. (Whilst applying for the other course, just in case I decide I do  want it!)

Abiento x

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