Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Journal Day 30 (past due)

Today we did/ are doing (as I am beginning to write this at 12pm) packaging and branding, focusing on creating something that can show and represent your identity. We started by going over examples of big brand packaging, and what each one says about the company or the product. So to start making some packaging about ourselves we started by brainstorming about who we are; what we like, what our interests our, qualities and traits we have etc. After filling a page with notes about myself I chose a few key words;

  • Organised
  • Adventurous
  • Colourful
  • Well Travelled
  • Georgian Houses
  • Textures and Fabric
  • Books/Narrative
  • Details
  • Interiors
  • Homely things
  • Shapes
  • Adventurous

The main thing that sparked inspiration for me was the Georgian Houses. I had recently bought a book of Iron on Transfers illustrated by Julia Rothman with a great illustration of some funky European houses from which I thought about creating my own house, or a doll house. I have already talked about this house in my post about printing and packaging, posted earlier on last week, but wanted to add a bit more detail and insight into my thought process for the project. 

At the moment, as it is developing I am creating 3 A1 height buildings that will be alongside each other and will represent one side of the doll house, or a fabric illustration that could be taken further. This 'maquette' half finished style of working is just to show what could be done with more time. In order to make the fabric houses I am illustrating drawn versions on an A1 piece of paper, so will have those to show, most likely in water-colour as well. 

Abiento x

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