Monday, 7 November 2011

Great Quote

Often when people find out that I do a bit of photography, they ask what camera I have. They often assume it's something amazing and fancy. Most professional photographers I meet do have expensive, high quality cameras, but I'm not professional, and that shit is expensiiiiiivveee! Other than my film cameras, the DSLR I have been working with this year, is a basic Sony camera bought for me by my family as my 18th Birthday present. So it's 3 years old now (and won't last much longer). I have obviously updated it since then with better lenses, however it often annoys me when people assume I have an amazing camera, like that's the only way I could produce amazing photos.

All of the film cameras I use are old. Like over a decade old. 2 of them are even made out of plastic. But I still use them. And I know of a few professional photographers who even use them now and then. But the assumptions still bug me. So when I found this quote, posted by Deb Schwedhelm, I knew I had to re-post it :).

My beloved old minolta. Which is fantastic. Even though it is 13 years old and only cost me a tenner.
A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. as he entered the front door, the hostess said ‘i love your pictures. they’re wonderful. you must have a fantastic camera’.
He said nothing until dinner was finished, and then said; ‘That was a wonderful dinner, you must have a terrific stove’.
- Sam Haskins
How true is that!? You wouldn't dare say that an artists tools do all the work! And yet you do say that to a photographer. And this is the point that thousands of people are trying to make at the moment. iPhones could easily act as professional cameras. Kids using Deviant Art and making a name for themselves are using basic point and shoot cameras. Anyone could be a good photographer. It takes knowledge, skill and a creative eye to actually be able to be that great photographer. Not a fantastic camera. 
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  1. Ah, SO TRUE! Loving the quote and loving the post! :)


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