Thursday, 3 November 2011

A day in my mind

A day in my mind at the moment is pretty hectic with thoughts on figuring out myself and what I want to do with my life. Who am I? What do I like the most? What do I want to do?

So just to give you a little insight, here are some things I am considering for the year (or so) ahead.

In England I have (very recently) been looking at a selection of short courses offered by Central Saint Martins in London;

including this Interior Styling course,

this Graphic Design for beginners course,

as well as this packaging design course.

They also have these very expensive, yet exciting dual country short courses, where you start in London, and then finish at a twin school in either Paris, Milan or Barcelona! I have been looking at these architectural courses linked with Barcelona.

Also in London, I have briefly looked at this private school, instructing in Interior and garden design.

Focusing on slightly more normal degree courses, this visual communications foundation degree in Bournemouth has caught my eye.

Plus, back over in Vancouver a few graphic design courses are taking my interest; here at The Vancouver Art Institute, The Lasalle College and The Vancouver Art and Design School.

The Lasalle College also has this interiors course, same as the Vancouver Art Institute, which is a nice option.

So the plan is to continue my education. In either Art history, Graphics or Interiors. What I do in that field I'm not really sure of quite yet. So next Autumn me and mum plan to take a trip around Europe, and then I will try to find an internship and or some work experience before selecting a field to do some (more) training and education in! So many years of experimenting.... but what ever course I choose- I plan for it to be a year or two at most!

Any thoughts or suggestions for me? I kinda need them right now, as I am clueless! haha

Abiento x

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