Friday, 7 October 2011

Journal Writing (playing catch up)

Project two, started about an hour after my train got into Falmouth on my return from Lisbon! I had two hours to start my fabric and form project, under the guidelines of form and structure.

The idea was to create three maquettes using different stitch methods to create form and structure in the fabric. After a small amount of time messing around on a sewing machine (so good to be sat back in front of a proper textiles sewing machine), I then just picked up some fabric and started draping it.

This project for me became much more about research and self discovery. I found the project itself rather flat and un-inspiring and while happy with my final outcome do not think its amazing or anything to be hugely proud of. But what I am happy with is the discovery of the following things;

- great enjoyment working alone
- great enjoyment working with others to bounce ideas around with
- lack on inspiration when creating fashion pieces
- huge amount of inspiration when researching fashion illustrations and designs
- difficulty when drawing my ideas (more time drawing needed!)
- great comfort and enjoyment to be back in a textiles room and in front of a Bernina sewing machine.
- ease and suprise when working with fabric on a mannequin as this is something I was yet to do.

So in the interest of keeping this entry short and sweet, like this project here is my final outcome, plus links to the books I used for research, and loved reading and flicking through. In fact I still have one of them sat nicely on my bedside table just as a happy place to go to every now and then!

final choice on maquette placement:

Abiento x

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