Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It was this

I decided not to take up my place at Falmouth this September due to many reasons. But it only took one thing for me to change my mind. Yep, you heard it. I've changed my mind. Again. (I'm not very good at this decision making lark am I!?)

Well these were the images that did it;

When Ryan, from Pacing the Panic Room posted these backstage images he shot recently on a job in California, I flipped inside. The colours grabbed me and screamed at me. They were telling me that this is what I wanted to be making, and that I need to make a change. They said that what I'm doing isn't good enough and it isn't me.

And so, I let my mum persuade me to take up my place at Falmouth. Hell, it's a short course. It's only 6 months of my life. So, in a month I will no longer be in full time employment- but be back to full time education. Just for one more year.

I want to learn more, I want to push myself more, and most of all, I want the time to do this. I don't want to feel guilty or rushed about doing things in my life. There is too much on my plate at the moment, and not enough space (physically, mentally or time wise) in my life to continue to do it all whilst being creative and happy. It's just not possible. So I'm taking a year for me. A year to be, and a year to figure out me and what I want to do. Hopefully it will continue to be brilliant, like the last 6 months have been, and hopefully I will continue to meet fantastic people who will along the way help me to figure out what it is that I am going to do.

Fingers Crossed eh!

Abiento x

P.S I just wanted to point out that interestingly it was these 4 images (all shot on digital with a Canon 7D, that I preferred over the film images he shared. This is quite rare for me....but like I said, the colours just grabbed me.)

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