Thursday, 18 August 2011

70's come floral fashion Shoot

Last Sunday I spent my morning with two lovely blondes in the giant rhubarb and hydrangea bushes at Trebah Garden, and well, here are the results :)

We started out in the 70's and then very quickly wanted to take advantage of some STUNNING floral headbands created by Clare Webb Cultivation, and so moved onto a more flower power style of 70's fashion. As you can tell though the headbands took all of my focus :).

The photo of Cara and Louise together took a bit of awkwardness and hard work on my part. I'm really happy with the image, and wish I could have spent more time working on similar images. But you work with what you've got ;) Thanks for trying it guys!

Thanks to Neila for the stunning as usual make-up, to Tessa for helping me with the styling and also to the fantastic Clare Webb for creating the most stunning floral headbands ever! They were stunning and absaloutley made the shoot, and my day! Thank you so much for your help ladies! Also a huge thanks to Karen of Shabby Tiger Vintage in Redruth for the fantastic vintage clothing that inspired the shoot!

Plus of course a huge thanks to the fantastic models; Louise and Cara for their time, contribution, and well, all round good looks!

And of course a huge thank you for Trebah Gardens for allowing us the use of their gardens on a busy Sunday morning!

Abiento x


  1. Just gorgeous! Love the floral headband as well ;) And great job on featuring the make up too!

  2. Thanks Ale! I'm really happy with them :) and the floral headband is just beyond words amazing!

  3. the picture 4 up is absolutely stunning :) x


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