Friday, 22 July 2011

Wendy is Dead

My lovely car, Wendy, is dead :(. After 3 years, and many many fun times Wendy is officially a gonner.

At the end of my first year of college my first car died, after only 6 short months of having it. I wanted a ka. I found a ka. I bought a ka. My ka then became Wendy.... and throughout the last 3 years Wendy has been on many a trip- she got me through college; kept me dry when I was sobbing on the phone to Mike when I didn't get a place at Uni, kept us warm when we decided to drunkenly sleep in her, helped me bring all of Emma's stuff back from Uni after her first year in halls at Cardiff and she has also kept Mike safe when he had her for the 4 months I was in Vancouver! She has also hit a volvo, a golf and been bumped by a 4x4 in a tiny lane as well as mounting a concrete bollard! (See photo below!)

Plus last summer I made the small addition of giving her mine and Cara's life mascot- Stanley! Last summer at the cafe I worked in, a kid left a wind up stegosaurus toy that I decided to keep. We named him Stanley, (after my first car!) and he proceeded to go everywhere with us! And then he found a home on Wendy's dashboard, and has since spent the last year roaming around with me :).

My little car has had a life, and character, and continues to amuse me everyday. She squeaks when I turn left. She refuses to send the air con to the right place and I cannot open the drivers door once it's been locked.

So after 3 years of life with Wendy, she has failed her m.o.t for the second year in a row; and this year she is just not worth mending. So last night a man from the scrap yard came to pick her up, and I imagine that by now she has been crushed into a metal square :(.

Now I just have to replace her..... it kinda feels like I've lost an actual person or even a pet. It is strange, and I will mourn you shortly before I replace you Wendy, but sadly you do need to be replaced...... Bye Bye Wendy.... have fun in metal heaven.....

Abiento x

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