Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Photography Inspiration (Personal)

You might know, and you might not, that I'm part of a group on flickr called 'From Our Hearts to Our Hands' run by Emma Case, Joanna Brown, Anna Hardy and Debs Ivelja. All these lovely ladies created an online community to inspire and create together. Each month they set a project for those involved to complete based on a work, which we then interpret and photograph. Well one of the other girls involved, Kelly, just posted her submission of her blog, and I have to say it totally inspired me. This months word is 'communication' and I've been pondering how I want to photograph that. At the moment I'm thinking of ideas involved with work, as we spend a lot of time communicating in a variation of ways both with our colleagues, and with customers.

Kelly used sign language for hers

and I love it. So simple. So cute. Rather heartfelt too. Well done Kelly!

Abiento x


  1. You are SO Lovely! :) You've made me a very happy Kelly. Faaaaanks :)

  2. You are welcome my lovely! Thanks for inspiring me! <3


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