Monday, 23 May 2011


Sometimes the blogging world blows my mind.... One of my favourite blogs tends to get 100,000 readers/views a month. 100,000!!?! Well, on a good day I can easily get 100 readers. So in a month that's what- roughly 3,000 views per month, at the most. That's only 3% of what she gets- CRAZY!!! Now, I'm not saying that after 3 months of writing this lil' blog that I expected to have that many monthly reads- but I honestly don't think I could ever have imagined anyone getting that many readers. It's just such a huge number. plus, by sharing a link to her blog that number is most likely going to increase......

Insane no?

Well anyway, enough of my freak out- here is a little bit of fun for you this Monday morning. I promise that  this week will have some insights into a few projects I am doing plus a little bit about my new job as well as the origin coffee training I am doing today AND the usual photography and art inspiration! :) As you might have noticed- last Thursday was missing the usual self portrait photo- thanks to work I was faaar too busy and tired and completely forgot all about it! However I have also reached a stage where I have done a certain number of self portraits and have achieved everything I had wanted to through the project. And so, I have come to the decision that this week will be my last doing the self portrait project. I might come up with something else to keep you entertained every Thursday afternoon, so watch this space :).

So for now, have a look at this awesome chicken house,

and this funny note from the MoMa

Abiento x

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