Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sneak Peak: Edd and Amy

Edd and Amy are two of my house mates who I coerced into doing a couples shoot for me. Whilst a bit nervous about it, they (lucky for me) agreed to do the shoot, admitting that they had actually thought about having a shoot done previously. I think (and really hope) that they enjoyed themselves in the end, and didn't feel quite as uncomfortable in front of the camera as they thought they would.

The shoot itself went beautifully, despite the nerves that I ever so graciously took out on Mike that morning (LY!). Edd and Amy proved themselves to be both photogenic and ridiculously in love. This pair have just gone over the 4 year mark, 3 of those years they have spent doing long distance. I have no idea how they successfully managed to do this and stay so strong. But they did it. And I am so envious and inspired by that. Me and the mr did 4 months of long distance, and I have to say it was some of the hardest months of our relationship, not just due to the distance but also the circumstances I was living in, however it was still torture to be away from my partner and best friend who I had at this point been living with for a year and a half. So all credit is completely due to this lovely couple who I am lucky enough to call my friends and my house mates.

Tune in later this week for the rest of the images from the shoot!

Thank you so much guys for doing this shoot for me, and for being a beautiful part of my ever growing portfolio. I appreciate it more than I can explain.


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