Thursday, 14 April 2011

Normal Scheduling

So I only briefly posted about it last week, but as of today the normal scheduling will be changing. I have made a decision to make the Weekly Word Photo project into a Monthly Word Photo project. I simply feel that I do not dedicate as much time and effort to the images as they deserve, and do not want to be churning out low quality work. So later today the Self Portrait image will still be out as normal, but the Word Photo will now be shown towards the end of each month.

I believe that I originally said that both the Self Portrait project and the Weekly Word Photo project would become once a month projects, but I have decided to leave the Self Portrait project as weekly as I like being able to make a simple representation of my week and do not feel that it is too time consuming.

I hope all this sits well with you lovely readers, and make sure to check back later! :)

Abiento x

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