Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Falmouth: Interview #2.

So. I have already heard back from Falmouth- in record time!

Sadly they decided not to offer me the place. In some ways this annoys me, as I know I would be perfect for a photography degree there, and would be a really successful member of the course. It also really annoys me, because of how poorly the interview went. I felt that they didn't ask me enough in the interview to actually get to know me and determine whether or not I would be a good candidate. I also felt that because during the interview they said that they thought I should do the diploma, that by not giving me the place on the degree program they have essentially made the decision for me. Not really fair.

On the other hand however, I had already decided that if I was offered the place, I wouldn't accept it, and that I wanted to do the diploma. The photography degrees in England are highly creative. This is good if you want to be an 'artist' exhibiting in galleries and the like, but not so good if you want to run your own business. 3 years of creative work is a long time. Plus, having spoken to many photographers about this subject, very few have photography degrees and have said that you only need them if you want to teach, however you do get to use amazing equipment for free. (Well, not free- its now 9,000 GBP a year.......)

So I had already decided that I wanted to do the one year diploma, and then take some other courses such as business or some specific photography classes rather than a full degree. So I shouldn't be upset.......... yet I am. I have an annoying need to be good at stuff, and to prove that I am good and worthy to other people. The fact that I was declined a place on a degree is a bit of a hit in the stomach. But as one of my housemates pointed out to me- "

At least they didn't ask you any questions about you. Therefore they declined you based on something other than you. They don't know you, and if they did, they might rethink their decision. It's their problem that they didn't bother to get to know you. Their loss, not yours."

So yeh.....

Abiento x

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