Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A week in Vancouver: Granville Island

The contrast between downtown and the island, is depicted brilliantly in the image below. Cute and quirky vs. tall skyscraper cityscape. All in one city :)

These little boat houses are genuine houses that float on the water. They are quite common around the Vancouver and Victoria area and are always full of character of style!

The best local chocolate...

If you want to go over to Granville Island from downtown you can get a mini ferry, known as the aquabus. There are 3 or 4 aquabuses and they are all multi colored!!

The smell of this stall was unbelievable. The vast quantity of fruit, in particular apples, gave it such a sweet smell as you walked past.

The alley behind the Emily Carr University, a university similar in reputation to Falmouth, that I VERY nearly attended! It would have been so much better than UBC.......

The guy in the background of the picture below is making fudge! Just you know, in the middle of the stall, standard. (Plus look at how happy they are!)

Giant raspberries!!

Yes. That is a deli dedicated to ravioli below. Ravioli of MANY variations.

mmmmmm cake....

mmmmmm chocolate.....!!

my odd combination lunch that day; fruit kebab (kebob in Canada!), a giant veggie roll in rice wrap and 3 chocolates from the stall above! :)

The white chocolate with green stripes is white chocolate ganache with green tea. It was sooo yummy!!

This second set of pictures were taken on my friend's point and shoot digital camera, so the quality, sadly is lower than the previous photos. Sorry!

Outside the art school I found this rather suspicious shopping trolley attached to a pair of skis......

And while I was sat eating lunch, I was watching these two guys. Judging by the language they were speaking they were definitely European but I have no idea as to the specific country as it sounded like a mixture of Italian, French and Russian to me! Plus I couldn't get a non blurry picture of them due to their very Italian hand gesturing!! 


I also noticed the younger guys rather strange sense of fashion.... a trench coat, with basketball shorts, shiny leggings and flip flops! So European...

Ohhh Yehh Cornwall.

So Cute!!

Love these colours.

This basket is full of utensils used for cooking eggs or pancakes. They go into your frying pan and make your food into the shape of a heart/star/butterfly/chicken/circle.... whatever you want really!

Another rad bike

The best hammock store. EVER. :)

Abiento x


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