Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A week in Vancouver: Gastown

Yes, that is a Corona table. With Corona bottles for salt and pepper shakers.

The speech bubble on his butt reads: 
"We put the butt in buttons!"

Just on the left as you walk into my favorite button shop, there is a cup holder for your coffee :)

She said it.

Delicious Bellini's that come with small plastic toys!! One of our friends got a monkey, while another had an elephant!

The birthday cake :)

A breakup tub of ice cream in a restaurant? Sure thing.

Muff Diver time.... :/

Plus some phone photos

A little tray for collecting your buttons as you walk around the store, complete with smileys :)

Joker/Queen randomness

The best chocolate in town!

Mine and the mr's favorite sushi restaurant :) $6.50 for the biggest tray of sushi EVER! plus tea, soup and salad!!

If you can zoom in or double click, this t-shirt is pretty funny

Abiento x

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