Thursday, 24 March 2011

Two weeks on the Island: Around and about mum's house

My mum is renting a house on Vancouver Island that is in the middle of nowhere. When you live in a rural part of the Island, seeing deer and bunnies in your back garden is a daily occurrence :).

The house is owned by a woman who also lives on the surrounding land, and it used to be her parent's house. It is in the exact same condition, furniture and all, from when it was refurbished in the 70's. They were friends with some of our family here, and Grandpa Mike remembers them and how the house used to look before it was refurbished. He said that the house looked newer than he remembered, though if you look at the furniture and decor here, that is quite a funny comment! It is sooo stuck in the 70's. My bathroom, for example, is an ornate peach affair, while the dining room chairs are an orange and brown floral mess. Just take a look for yourself!

But all in all the house is really nice, and very homely.

Abiento x

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