Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Staying at UBC

I was very dubious about staying at UBC again. I thought it would be too weird and that I would hate. I planned on spending one night and then staying in a hostel. However it was fine. I was on a high all week from the fact that I could leave. I didn't have to stay. I didn't have to do work. I didn't have to eat the crappy cafeteria food and suffer through the showers (which by the way is now not 3 between 33 girls, but ONE SHOWER between 33 girls!! 2 of them have broken, leaving one; often cold and always highly pressurised so it stings your skin. The others are literally unusable as the staff tried to fix the plumbing by knocking a giant hole in the wall, and piling all the rubble in the shower space. clever.) Anyway.......

UBC turned out to pretty awesome. Albeit I could only handle about 4/5 days at any one time, but it was nice to just sit in a completely quiet room for once. And just sit. And think. And do. In the blissful quiet. So goooood.

Abiento x

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