Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ohhh Canada........

Hello World. I'm in Canada :)

Firstly I'm going to be annoying and mention a little someone whos birthday is today and that is my dear friend from UBC, miss Jasmeet Bahia. Jas helped me through the shit times and the good times during my 4 long months at UBC in Vancouver, and I have to say I think I made a life friend there. :)

Jas is the brown girl to my right.

But anyway, I'm in Canadaaaa! It's actually not as horrible as I was expecting (family will be going 'We told you so!' right about here.) but it's still very weird! I'm staying in Jas's room which is just across the hall from my old one and everything I do makes me feel like time has not passed, it is still December 2010 and any minute I'm gonna go back to my room, with all my stuff still there where I left it, and then get up and go to one of my stupid classes. But wait. I'm not. YEH! It's such a good feeling knowing that I don't live here or go to this school anymore, and that I get to leave!! Amazing.

One of the great things about flying (sadly) is all the free magazines. There was so much cool stuff in them that I've got like 2 weeks inspiration posts sorted.done. But for now, here is a little pic of my day and one of my (2) flights yesterday.


Abiento x


  1. Thanks babe! Love you times a million!

  2. There's a brown girl to my right, na na na na na! Which would all be very well if I could see you.
    (PS told you so!)

  3. I'm on the far right hand side, fourth in from the right with blue paint all over my face! and i don't get the brown girl reference.....!!

  4. So young! Once there was a really cheesey group called Boney M - check it out. Actually, don't. But you started it. Are you sure the RH side of that photo is all there?

  5. ok well i will look them up but I'll take the warning....! Yess.... I'm sure. There's a blonde girl kneeling down with her thumbs up, then an indian girl, a blonde girl in the background who's head you can see and then me!


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