Thursday, 24 February 2011

Self Portrait Photo's

This week I had two days in which to do nothing..... so I did nothing..... it was amazing :) But as a result I lost all of my organisation skills. I forgot to take my gran's birthday present to her birthday dinner.... and I forgot to do a self portrait photo. This was taken 10 minutes before I left for work this morning having quickly munched on my brekkie. Sadly because of this, it has no meaning or thought behind it but instead shows me in the room where I spent all of this week... the living room. I'm sorry. I'll make sure that next weeks is much better!

Abiento x

P.S At least in the rush of taking it I was brave enough to include my face in the picture! I was planning on it only being of my feet- but hurrah! I am brave! (hahahahaha)

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