Thursday, 3 February 2011


Okay, now that I've stopped and forced myself to carry my camera around with me I have managed to successfully find time to start the projects I have been wittering on about.

For a basic overview these include:

Project #1. Photo a day- Part of the 365 project. This involves me taking a daily image following a theme of some kind for one year. I am going to start out simple by taking a picture that represents a part of my day, so that by the end of the project my year will be represented visually.Sometimes I will take these photos on film and they will take longer to appear on here. Check out the website for more info or a recent etsy post I found.

Project #2. Flickr groups. I am joining/have joined various flickr groups that encourage submission of images following a certain theme. So far I am contributing to this group, this groupthis group and this group. I am constantly on the look out for more than interest me.

Project #3. Self Portrait. Weekly. If I'm brave enough. Over the last year I have had a few hormone problems that have resulted in quite a bit of weight gain. As I have regularly played sport to a high level throughout my life I have never been overweight. Until now. I am slowly losing it now, but it has resulted in a huge confidence loss and I shy away from any and every camera. Hopefully this project will help me overcome this in some way and gain back some of my lost confidence. It would be quite nice to feel good about my body again.

Project #4. Weekly interpreted word. Slight copy from that of From Our Hearts to Our Hands, but I'm going to be letting other people decide on the word! Feel free to suggest  a word for me if you want either on here in the comment box or on facebook!

I realise that this is a lot of work, especially to be starting at once. But I will be easing into it. I started the 365 project officially today, and started some of the others a week or so ago. The self portrait project might take a bit longer to start.... But the idea is that I want to throw myself back into photography in a way that forces me to be constantly taking photos and thinking about what I am photographing and what I find to inspirational in some way. That might mean just something in my house that I found visually attractive, or it might mean that I had a brain wave and a genius idea! Who knows. Hopefully though the projects will help me to create a lot of work and start being continuously creative again.

For now, I just hope you like the images I produce and as always all feedback is welcome.

Abiento x

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