Tuesday, 1 February 2011

More Photos

These photos are the first rolls I took with my new camera!

It is a Minolta 505si film camera (very similar to the one in the picture above.) that the mr's mum found for me. So far I love it! I used lomography film for these images as they create a slightly different effect to that of your regular 35mm. For anyone that is interested, lomography is an alternative type of photography that specializes in colourful casual images. They make a huge range which now includes its own films. Check out their website http://www.lomography.com/ to see their full range of cameras and films. If you're anything like me, you will spend hours browsing!

If you have not heard of lomography, you might have heard of holga photography. The two are quite similar, but both emphasise the fun of bright colours, and often blurry, but very unique images.

The mr did in fact buy me this camera for my birthday last year, the Diana F+. It's so pretty :)

Back to the Minolta though. Here are my favorite images from the two rolls. I used a 100 ISO film and  400 ISO, because of the varying light from when I took the photos. It was getting quite dark when I was shooting with the 100 with the mr, and the images are quite dark because of it. I was worried that I should have used the 400 that night instead, but actually I'm quite pleased with the effect.

What do you think?

Abiento x


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