Monday, 28 February 2011

Me and the Mr. 2 Years on

Today is our 2 year anniversary :) It was exactly 2 years today that I traveled to France to see my mr while he was there on his ski season. A week later, curled up in bed, he shyly asked me to officially be his. By this point we had been 'seeing' each other for about 2 months. Although we have known each other for years.... And when I say seeing each other, I actually mean hours of daily phone conversations as he was, you know, in France ------>

The funny thing is, neither of us remember the first time we met.... we just remember that we knew each other. We used to talk to on msn messenger, and had a few friends in common so would hang out every now and then. Once in a while we would catch the same bus too.

According to my mum (!!) when I was 12 I had to get a bus with kids that went to Penair School (A state school up the hill from my posh tottie private school). Some of the kids on the bus used to tease me for going to a private school, and having to wear a lovely cornish kilt as my school uniform. (That's right. A kilt. It was horrendous.) But Mike stood up for me :). I didn't take that bus again, but over the years we saw each other and kept in touch.

I distinctly remember 3 occasions growing up and seeing him, but sadly that's about it.
Then, one day, when I was about 17 or 18, I was going through my music and found a song- 'Beating Heart Baby' by Head Automatica, that I couldn't play. iTunes required me to enter the account password of the person who sent it to me back in 2006. That person turned out to be Mike. At the time he had sent it to me, we had been speaking (by which I mean flirting) a lot on good old msn quite regularly. But lost contact for a couple of years after that.

Video of 'Beating Heart Baby' by Head Automatica- Not official Video.

Then, after a college party, I was home with Cara drunkenly facebook stalking a guy she had kissed that night. It was about 4am so I was quite suprised when I had a new notification saying that someone (Mike) had left a comment on one of my pictures..... telling me how cute I looked. We started talking again, and he suggested meeting up as he was leaving in a couple of weeks for a 5 month ski season. So we did. And for the two weeks before he left, we spent most nights together; sitting in starbucks chatting, awkwardly watching movies in either of our mum's houses, going to various asian restaurants for dinner...... you get it. Once he left though, we didn't speak for a couple of weeks. I don't think either of us knew where we stood. But I sent him a text saying I missed him, and a couple of days later on his 19th birthday I had a very drunk text conversation with him. On the train on the way back he very romantically declared that he thought I was kind of girl that you will only meet once in your life, you never forget, and that he thought he could have fallen in love with me if he had spent more time with me (in his words- "Sorry, it's cheesy I know.")

Next thing you know, after 6 years of knowing each other, 2 months of constant chatting, a 1,000 pound phone bill, and a week spent in France, we were in love. Nice soppy romantic story for ya there!

I hope you liked reading our little story, it is quite a long one so I hope I didn't bore anyone!! Tonight we are going out to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate. Nothing big or fancy, just a nice night together. Sadly it's one thing we don't get to do much at the moment, funds are tight, and we work opposite hours. So a nice quiet night out of the house is pretty much perfect for us :)

Abiento x


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