Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Me and one of my friends,maybe two, want to go to Europe in September for a bit of a fun, cultural getaway. We want reasonably cheap, but with things to do. I know hostels reasonably well so am happy to stay in one. But if you know of a town or country in Europe that is a little bit different, for us to go and explore- could you please leave a lil comment below with your recommendation!? That would be much appreciated :)

Should we just stay classic, simple and close to home? i.e Italy/ Paris or Spain? or should we venture further to say Croatia, or Bulgaria? Or even Sweden?

I can most likely guarantee a comment from my Uncle on this one......

Abiento x

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  1. Italy is good - either the Amalfi Coast or Tuscany.
    Paris - expensive!!
    Spain - go inland to see what it's really like.
    Croatia - Cathy & Spike went there last year & said it was lovely.
    Bulgaria - went there for my honeymoon in 1975 to Nessbar - fantstic beaches & lovely warm water. At that time there were only 2 hotels there & 3 fish restaurants - most likely alot different now. Had a brilliant 3 days cruise down the Black Sea to Istanbul which was mind boggling.
    Sweden - never been there but would like to.
    Hope that helps!!


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