Monday, 21 February 2011

Featured: From Our Hearts to Our Hands

I just found a new post on the blog From Our Hearts to Our Hands featuring a few images from their recent flickr project where members could submit an image that reflected for them what the blog and phrase 'From our Hearts' meant to them. I submitted some of the first images I edited and shot after I met Emma Case, one of the girls of From Our Hearts to Our Hands, as they had been created with so many new ideas in mind, and the philosophy of striving to do more and better. I wanted to start a new journey that involved constant learning and developments with the idea of shooting for fun, and being inspired daily, as that was something I was severely lacking when I was in Canada. The girls from From Our Hearts to Our Hands have such a great thing going by being together, and are doing an even better thing by trying to make that into a community for lots of other people, whether they are professional photographers or amateurs. This creates a place where people can be inspired by each other, and have other creative people to work alongside. Even though only digitally, this can become real, like it has for the girls, and is a huge thing for creative folks. A large number of creative professionals work competitively with other professionals, keeping their distance, rather than working together to create a friendly, helpful, strong environment. I am noticing and meeting more and more artists who know that it is better to work together than against each other, and are finding ways of making that happen.

Image from the blog From Our Hearts to Our Hands

Anyway, the great news is that one of my images was randomly selected to be featured on their blog! I know I know, it was only a random selection, but I am still chuffed to bits for the exposure and to be featured alongside all the other great people who submitted an image to the group. There are so many people who read all of their blogs and who have joined the group- I think more than the girls realised or hoped for! I'm just so pleased to be a part of it :)

This image, one I have shown before on here was shown here on their joint blog.

YAY! :)

Abiento x

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