Monday, 17 January 2011


Hello there blog world :)

So I feel my first post on here should be an introduction of some kind....

I am Lucy. I am a Cornish lass who loves photography. I have spent the last two years rather randomly. Having finished my A-Levels two years ago, I took a gap year to travel with my boyfriend. We spent 7 months living on Vancouver Island, and then 3 months traveling around South East Asia. After this I moved back to Vancouver where I started a Visual Arts degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC). In the end, I hated it. And so, here I am, back in England ready to start again! I will be starting a UK university in September, and until then I have 9 months to explore my art and photography style and then country that I love.

In order to do all this I will be embarking on 2 new projects, maybe 3 if I'm brave enough, and will be experimenting with all 5 of my cameras and some fun new film I have discovered!

Hopefully if anyone finds this and wants to, then you will enjoy the read and maybe find it useful for yourself. If not, then it will just be an inspirational tool for myself!

Ok so other than all that stuff, I spend my unemployed time (hopefully for not tooo much longer) hanging with the mr, watching crappy films, and seeing my friends. Not that much at the moment. It's quite nice really :). Oh and I like to read and play sport, when I have the time and money!

An example of one of those crappy films would be the film 'Sphere' which we are watching right now. It would be scary if you were 12, but it's got Samuel L Jackson in it so it can't be too bad... watch. go on. Get bored by its amazing crapiness for an hour or so.

Abiento x

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